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PIMA 2014 Recap: Strategies to Drive Success in Insurance Marketing

By: yramadan

As the 40th anniversary of the Professional Insurance Marketing Association approached (controversially actually the 39th anniversary, but who’s counting), I eagerly looked forward to 3 things – the networking, the content, and the location. Yet again, PIMA has exceeded my expectations on all fronts. Held at the Eden Rock in[…]

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Next Generation Insurance Videos for Students

Next Generation Insurance Videos

By: jsheehan

Insurance can be confusing. There are many different types of plans, within those plans are different levels of coverage, and policies often come with exclusions. Understanding your own risk, where you are vulnerable and what you should do to mitigate that risk is often overwhelming. Thinking about the “what if’s”[…]

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Twenty-Somethings: Figuring Out the Insurance Needs of the Next Generation

By: nextgenins

NGI Group was organized about serving the next generation of insurance consumers while also applying the next generation of insurance marketing tools. So this weekend’s article in the New York Times Magazine What Is It About 20-Somethings is particularly interesting.   The discussion for insurance marketing is profound.   How will this generation manage and[…]

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