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GradGuard Adds Tuition Refund Insurance to Product Offering

By: jsheehan

GradGuard adds Tuition Refund Insurance

About 4 in 10 students seeking a bachelor’s degree fail to graduate (source). The reasons for this, of course, are varied. Health can play a role, as can changing circumstances or the financial burden of tuition. An unfinished semester can serve as a catalyst, and GradGuard is pleased to announce they have added Tuition Refund Insurance to their offering, to help students and their families protect the investment in education.

Tuition Refund Insurance allows college students and their families to receive up to 100% of lost tuition if the student is forced to withdraw from school for a covered medical reason or death. The risks of college life are real; an April 2012 eHealth survey revealed that 43% of students had visited an emergency room for themselves in the past 4 years (source). Health Stats fromACHA-NCHA II Spring 2012 Executive Summary indicate that 31.3% of all students surveyed stated that they felt so depressed that it was difficult to function at some point during the past 12 months. Tuition Refund Insurance can help students afford to continue their education after a loss.

We are thrilled to add this product to our GradGuard offerings and allow students at schools that offer the program to protect their education investment. Visit GradGuard to learn more about our Tuition Refund Insurance program.

With the new year upon us, stay tuned for more exciting news from NGI! Happy New Year!

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