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Holiday Cookie Competition

By: jsheehan

Cookie Decorating Contest!

It all started with the holiday gifts we received from our friends at Plymouth Rock Assurance. Three adorable cookie cutters, perfectly in line with Plymouth Rock’s offerings, a gingerbread man, a car (auto insurance!) and a house (renters!). We’re a bit competitive here at NGI, so it didn’t take long for Jean-Marie to come up with a great idea – a cookie decorating competition between the Boston and Phoenix offices!

With the California office and remote employees as judges, the trash talking soon began and the creative juices started flowing. As the Boston and Phoenix offices prepared to face off, four valiant bakers stepped forward to provide the cookies for each office’s masterpiece – Rachel and Morgan baked for Phoenix, and Mike and Shannon for Boston.

The results of the competition were amazing! Sure we sell insurance, but our teams in both offices are incredibly creative! Both Boston and Phoenix went beyond just a well-decorated cookie – each team worked together to create a scene incorporating everyone’s cookies together – now that’s teamwork!

Phoenix created a gorgeous holiday scene that incorporated all of our products in a festive village setting. The judges loved the set-up. Said Denny, “Phoenix office wins my vote on the most creative and decorated cookies with their beautifully done Christmas village scene. That village is really cleaver and well done!” Judge Jessica agreed, “Individually, my cookie vote would be for the Phoenix NGI University house, love that one.”

Their scene looks super delicious as well, the Phoenix team incorporated many different types of candy and were so creative with the pretzel windows! This gained them some points with a nod for tastiest-looking cookie from the California office, “love the salty-sweet of the pretzel and cookie!”


The Boston office submitted a stop-animation video using the cookies to illustrate the dangers of texting and driving. It was a blast to create – we worked together to draw up a story board, assigned the cookies we needed to our cookie artists and set to work creating a scene with a good cause! To create the video, we used the Stop Motion app which I would highly recommend as it is free and so easy to use.

Our cookie decorating earned a nod from the California office, “Our vote for most creative and decorated cookie goes to the Boston team – the iPhone cookie with the text message on it was brilliant” (thank you, CA!), and our classic cookies earned a nod from Denny for their taste, “Boston office wins my vote for the taste test.  Their cookies look like cookies my mom used to make on holidays and have just the right amount of icing on them.”

Shannon set up the voting and scheduled a call for all of us on Friday afternoon to get the results. Both Phoenix and Boston went into the results call with no idea what the other team had created. It was fun to hear each others reaction to the competition, and Shannon read us the results from our coworkers across the country. And drumroll please…. it was a unanimous 4-0 for BOSTON! Judge Jay put it simply, “Ok. You guys are overachievers in Boston. Clear winner.”

The contest was a blast, and both offices really enjoyed making the cookies and the competitive spirit that emerged throughout last week. I think judge Denny sums it up best: “We have very talented ‘bakers’ in this organization.  Job well done and Happy Holidays to everyone.”

Which cookie creation would you vote for? Do you agree with the judges? Comment below!

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