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NGI Holiday Party!

By: jsheehan

We hope you had very happy holidays, from all of us at NGI. We were able to celebrate the season this December with parties in Phoenix and Boston, so the whole team could enjoy a night out. We sure had fun!

First up was the Phoenix party! The California team flew in from Redwood City, and the sales team came in for the holiday fete as well.  The party started out with a Holiday Hunt (a scavenger hunt!) all through Phoenix and the surrounding areas.

Everyone was divided into teams and completed various tasks, including mechanical bull riding. There were many pictures, which definitely gave the rest of us a laugh!

The competition was fierce, but in the end Team Warriors, led by Bill, won the hunt. They sure do look great in those wigs!

I find myself suddenly wanting ice cream after perusing these pictures… After the scavenger hunt, everyone convened at Tomaso’s for a lovely holiday dinner!

At the Boston party later that week, there was also no shortage of competition! The Beantown team faced off in holiday and insurance themed trivia after dinner at Elephant and Castle downtown.

Things got pretty loud debating the specifics of the insurance related topics at hand, but there could only be one winner!

The North Pole team emerged victorious, after employing the strategy that we would intimidate the other teams by acting as if we got each question right (it worked!).

Each office had a blast! Here’s to another great year at NGI!

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