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On the NGI Blogs: July 30-August 3

By: smahon

Farewell, Summer Sun

It’s officially August.  How will you spend the final month of summer?  Preparing for school or a new job?  Taking in the final weeks of warm weather?  This week, the GradGuard blog offers a not-so-obvious back to school checklist, new sites to spend some time with and how to conclude your summer in a safe manner.  On the MassDrive blog, dive through the ins and outs of what Boston has to offer this August!


“Don’t Forget X, Y and Z”

“Summer sales” signs are dwindling in quantity while “back to school” are multiplying.  While they may provide you the obvious college supply list, they are often missing out on some of the most pertinent nuances needed for a smooth semester.  The GradGuard blog highlights a series of necessities for you to take back to college that you may not find so obvious.

“The Top ‘Underground’ Sites for College Students”

Great underground sites are few and far between.  They’re underground only if they are popular among a small minority, but when the sites are this superb, they’ll soon be a hit for the greater majority. Sites grow, word spreads and webpages blow up with clicks as people utilize social media.  Check out a list of the top underground websites for college students to get hooked on.

“How to Have Safe Parties This Summer”

Summer is coming to a close and you want to make sure you make the right decisions before school starts.  Here are some tips on how to have fun, yet stay safe with various advice, statistics and tips to a great time in a mature manner.


“Massachusetts: Events this August!”

Are you in or around the greater Boston area?  Looking for great ways to conclude the summer season?  This week’s Mass Drive blog offers a myriad of fun summer options from the Rockport Lobsterfest to the upcoming ABBA concert, MassDrive has the whole menu of August’s specials for you to enjoy the final summer stretch.

If you’re looking to enjoy the free side of Boston, check out the free events going down in Boston over the month that include the Boston Greenfest, Saint Anthony’s Feast and the Family Film Festival here!










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