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NGI Weekly Recap

By: smahon

As back to school inches ever closer, the GradGuard blog is gearing up to help you have the best semester yet. This week, the blog offers ways to save and stay on top of your finances this semester. MassDrive’s posts this week are applicable to drivers everywhere – or at least anywhere it’s hot out! Here in MA, we’ve been hit with high temps and the blog this week offers drivers some advice on how to beat the heat!


For incoming college freshman, financing college and forecasting a budget can be a tough task.  The “best for years of your life” may also be the four most expensive years if you aren’t mindful of you finances!  Look into the College Financing 101 Checklist  to prepare yourself semester by semester in an organized look at what you must do to manage college from a financial standpoint.

Everybody’s on Twitter, but do you follow people that will save you cash?  The GradGuard blog provides the the top 11 Twitter voices for saving money in college that include famous TV stars like Suze Orman to companies like “Chegg” to rather young companies like SoFi that connects alumni with students to help fund college tuition.

College flies by faster than anyone expects and the four years are over before you know it.  With that said, the GradGuard blog has 5 Must See Places During College so you don’t go without getting the full college experience!  Check out the hot spots to see that can be found at nearly any college, from places that make you cheer to places that you really fear.


Tired of sticking to your car seats, burning your hand on the wheel and being forced to let the car’s A/C run forever before entering your car?  Are you broiling in the Massachusetts heat in your car?  The MassDrive blog offers several “cool” accessories to keep your temperate and refreshed in your car.

What is Renter’s Insurance and why can it be so valuable?  MassDrive dives into the beauty of renter’s insurance, especially for home or apartment renters.  Why home and apartment renters? Well, they are often are mistaken in the lack of coverage with basic insurance as it only covers the home, but nothing inside of it!

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