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NGI Team in Newport

Newport Conference 2012: A Recap

By: jsheehan

NGI Team in Newport

Last week, the Next Generation Insurance team came together from across the country to gather in beautiful Newport, Rhode Island for our Summer Conference. NGI can be hectic with working across the country from one another, with many of us constantly on the road, and many with schedules filled with meetings; the Summer Conference was an opportunity for everyone to meet at once, team build and review our progress and goals together.

Just looking at the number of people in the team photo, it’s easy to see how much and how quickly things have changed at NGI. Our growth from our last company meeting in Phoenix in December until now has been quick, but it has also been directed as we grow a team of talented people to further our goals. These talents and depth of knowledge were clear, in the thoughtful questions posed during the meetings and the presentations prepared. Coming together, we were able to address the questions we all have about different aspects of the company, our progress and our teams, and meet our new team members. Together, we learned in detail about where each team is headed, and we covered three main questions for all the aspects of our company:

What’s working?

What do we need to be successful?

What can go right and wrong?

Assessing where we stand and examining what we’ve done to find what is working and what is not is an important part of ensuring we move in the right direction, and our meetings were devoted to discussing these things. Honesty, making mistakes, communication – these were all terms that came up again and again. The meeting was an opportunity for all of us to speak about the challenges we face working for a small company and working with a team that is spread out across the nation.

How we can keep improving and meeting our goals was a huge theme at the conference, and from that another emerged. We are all guilty of getting so caught up in how much we have to do everyday that we often forget to take a step back and look at all that we’ve done. The Summer Conference was an excellent way for all of us to take a look together, and see the changes and progress we’ve made since the last time we were all together and celebrate the work we have done and the relationships we have formed. Our everyday at work can be challenging and even sometimes frustrating – taking a look back over the past few months, it is clear that our day-to-day work has started to build something we are proud of.

John and Bill

The MassDrive team was also able to join us which was a great opportunity for all of us to feel more connected. John and Bill made sure we all felt appreciated, excited and prepared for what will be a very busy season for us at NGI. The trip was a sign of their commitment to all of these things, and it wasn’t all work and no play! Newport is a gorgeous coastal town, a perfect spot for a summer meeting.

We spent the latter half of last week at the lovely Hotel Viking. There we held meetings and participated in team building activities. The conference kicked off with a welcome dinner that ended with a game of “People Bingo,” where we learned fun facts about one another, from who among us can speak another language to who ran a marathon and auditioned for American Idol (we’ve got quite a few musicians in our crew!).

Volleyball and view

On Thursday, the team traveled to Castle Hill, where we played games and enjoyed a delicious meal together with fantastic views! The Sun Devils defended their winning title by beating a super team the rest of the company put together in volleyball. The Boston office bid goodbye to Chanda with a gift after dinner, she is headed to the Phoenix office (and we will miss her dearly!). There were a couple impromptu musical performances and more games after our meal. It poured during dinner, and after we got quite a treat in the form of a double rainbow, which was pretty crazy!


John said it best, the best memories of our working lives will likely rarely include memories that took place in the office. This trip is definitely one none of us will forget soon! Overall, it was a wonderful time, a great way for all of us to connect and prepare for the busy season ahead of us. Thank you, John and Bill, for a great week, and to Angelique for her hard work planning such a fantastic trip!

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