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By: jsheehan

Next Generation Insurance Videos for Students

Insurance can be confusing. There are many different types of plans, within those plans are different levels of coverage, and policies often come with exclusions. Understanding your own risk, where you are vulnerable and what you should do to mitigate that risk is often overwhelming. Thinking about the “what if’s” in life can be anxiety-inducing, but it is important to protect yourself.

Navigating insurance in the young adult and student life-stages is unique – young adults and students often don’t have much experience purchasing insurance and parents are usually involved in the process. However, the insurance needs facing parents differ widely from the insurance needs of students and young adults, and the levels of coverage a younger person may need as well as the types of coverage may seem confusing.

At NGI, we take this seriously. Specializing in this area of insurance, we strove to find a way to better illustrate what and how insurance can help protect young adults. And thus, our video project was born. Video would help us literally speak to the benefits of insurance, and offer suggestions and insight into the different types of plans that exist to serve students and young adults. We created four videos on four main areas of insurance students should consider: tuition insurance, renters insurance, health insurance and auto insurance.  Our President and co-founder, as well as resident insurance expert, Bill Suneson, speaks to the unique insurance needs of students in these four areas, and discusses the different options and risks for students and young adults to weigh when consider insurance.

This project would not have been possible without the incredible hard work of Shane Seibel and Zandrak Productions, David Brickel and Andrew Hutcheson. At the time of shooting, they were college students themselves, and their talent, professionalism, energy and enthusiasm for the subject helped us create a great end product. Our own Bill Suneson and Shawn Harris were kind enough to lend their talents and expertise to these videos, so look for them on screen!

We invite you to explore these videos, and we hope we can answer some of your questions surrounding these areas of insurance.

The Value of Tuition Insurance for Students


The Value of Renters Insurance for Students


Health Insurance Options for Students


Auto Insurance for Students


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