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April in Instagrams

By: jsheehan

Is it just me or did April FLY by? I’ve been busy with a video project this month as you can see above, and that is certainly not all that’s been happening around the office these days.

It’s really interesting having our two main offices across the country from one another – one in Boston and one in Phoenix. This month, we used all the amazing technology we have at our fingertips to unite the two offices in different ways. First, we celebrated John’s birthday over Skype together, which was really fun. We did have to have two cakes – one for each office! We also had our Q1 business review at the end of the month, and the entire company met via phone and GoToMeeting to review our progress and goals. Exciting things have been and continue to happen around here! And lastly, we now have two trusty clocks hanging in Boston so we can be on both Boston and Phoenix time!

Here’s to a great May at NGI!

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