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March in Instagrams

By: jsheehan


I enjoy writing a monthly recap based on the Instagrams on our nextgenins account. Though primarily photos from the Boston office and from my perspective, it’s a neat way to reflect on what’s happened around the office and around the country at NGI. Of course we’ve all been working hard, stretched to the limit with meetings, launches, new cool swag (check out that new SMIS sign!), webinars and projects. But what jumps out at me this month is  the people that work here – almost all of us are pictured celebrating the end of NGIFitKick.

The Arizona office won (congratulations!). I’m based here in the Boston office, and from where I sit, I saw an incredible network of support emerge. From daily “fit tips” over email, to group fitness adventures (most notably running the stairs to our 4th floor office), to leaning on one another for help during fitness moments of weakness. Both teams lost weight and I’m not sure any of us would have been so successful without the encouragement of the rest of the team. At the end of the challenge, both offices got to spend some time together outside the office to celebrate, which was very fun! A little healthy competition and some office bonding has strengthened the ever-growing team at NGI.

In next month’s Instagrams, you’ll probably see a few new faces and more exciting news from the folks here at NGI. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and Instagram!


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