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NGI Fit Kick


By: jsheehan

Things are really heating up around here at NGI. It’s a new year, and with that comes new goals. Have you thought about your resolutions? Perhaps you’re trying to save more money or travel more, maybe you’ll finally get around to re-siding the house or calling family more often. Whatever you resolve, we here at NGI wish you all the best in the new year.

At NGI, in addition to our own personal resolutions, we have a group resolution. And it’s not just a resolution — it’s a challenge, a competition, a heated rivalry between those of us east of the Mississippi versus those of us to the west.

Perhaps you have already heard of this legendary battle between us – perhaps it really is as epic as the lunchtime conversations swirling about have made it to seem. And perhaps (realistically?) now you’re just confused. An epic battle? At an insurance company? Read on and learn, my friends.

From January 1st until March 11th, the employees of NGI will be competing to see which side of the US can lose the most weight, measured by the percentage of weight lost, not actual pounds. All are invited to participate, and the winning team will be treated to a half day and a happy hour during March Madness.

NGI Fit Kick

To the East, we have Team Svelte (whose commitment to the cause you can see in the above photo). To the west, Team Phat. Who will win!?

Follow #NGIFitKick to see how the teams are doing. Will there be trash talk? Will there be bragging about great workouts and healthy lunches? Will these teams attempt to intimidate each other or influence one another off the path to wellness? Will anyone west of the Mississippi besides John tweet about this?

There are many questions unanswered. Only time will tell which team will see free beer in addition to their shrinking waistlines. In the meantime, check back here and on Twitter for updates on their progress and feel free to join in the conversation with words of encouragement in the comments below or using the #ngifitkick hash tag!


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