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NGI Company Meeting

By: jsheehan


Phew! We’re back! After a whirlwind three days in Phoenix, we are all back in our respective offices, slightly tired but energized. If you’ve been following our hash tag,#NGIMeetUp, you know we had a great time learning more about the company, each other and what everyone has been working diligently on.

Overall, the company meeting was a great success. All of NextGen came together in Phoenix for meetings, team-building exercises, an overview of our 2012 goals and, last but certainly not least, some fun.

The first part of the day was spent listening to presentations and overviews, then we learned our working styles through the Kolbe test, which was fascinating and highly entertaining when Chris, Brian and Kyle were chosen for a demonstration.

Kolbe Test Demonstration

We rounded out the afternoon with presentations and updates from the executive team, and lots of laughs. All through the day we played “Two Truths and a Lie” to get to know one another better. We’ve got a lot of travelers and former athletes in our crowd!

Speaking of athletes… the next part of the day led us to a park in Phoenix for a sand volleyball tournament! I can’t help but speak of this part of the day with great enthusiasm because my team, the Sundevils, emerged as the victors! It was a blast to run around and cheer on everyone outside the office, and enjoy the Arizona weather outside for a few hours.

NGI Volleball

The day ended with our company holiday party at the lovely Café Forte. There was lots of mixing and mingling and great conversation, as well as delicious food. The game volleyball was signed and will be saved to be handed to the champions of our next company meeting. It was a great ending to a great day!

Now what company event would be complete without a run-in with a public figure? I leave you with this image, our President Bill Suneson in his seat on the plane to Phoenix, which happened to be right next to a presidential hopeful, Mitt Romney.

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