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Next Generation Insurance Group Partners with Sallie Mae to Launch Life-Stage Insurance Services for the Collegiate Market and Young Adults

By: blocke

BOSTON, Mass., [July 11, 2011]—Next Generation Insurance Group (NGI), a licensed specialty insurance agency and the nation’s first comprehensive insurance provider focused on the collegiate and young adult markets, has partnered with Sallie Mae to offer insurance programs to colleges and universities, as well as students and young adults.

Sallie Mae Insurance Services provides colleges and universities access to insurance products specifically designed to help students and their families mitigate risks. The initiative will also deliver insurance programs designed to help families protect their investment in higher education and young adults protect the value of their investment post college.

“Despite the powerful data that speaks to the risks inherent with college, too few families make an effort to protect their investment in higher education,” said Bill Suneson, co-founder and president, Next Generation Insurance Group. “Sallie Mae, through its leadership in providing financial services for education, understands the need to mitigate these risks. Sallie Mae Insurance Services represents a new breed of insurance products designed to give college students and their families the right type of insurance, when they need it, to protect the investment in higher education and its related costs.”

Sallie Mae Insurance Services will initially offer tuition insurance, renters insurance and student health insurance directly to America’s college students to address the life-stage risks they face. In addition, Sallie Mae Insurance Services will provide colleges and universities access to specially designed insurance products, such as the Student Protection Plan, a package of insurance benefits featuring tuition insurance and other relevant benefits, designed to meet the needs of a typical college student.

“We have great respect for Sallie Mae’s long-standing relationship with its university partners and the value of its brand to the collegiate market,” says John Fees, co-founder and chief executive officer, Next Generation Insurance Group. “Our common purpose is to safeguard the investment made in the education both during and following college.”

Sallie Mae and Next Generation Insurance Group, which is licensed in all 50 states, will provide insurance and benefit programs to Sallie Mae’s 23 million customers. NGI’s experience with college students and young adults, strong underwriting partners and shared commitment to offering responsible products align with the safeguards Sallie Mae offers to families who are saving, planning and paying for college.

NGI’s additional properties include:

  •, a comprehensive insurance solution for college students and their families
  •, offering personal property and liability protection for college students
  •, an alternative to school-sponsored health insurance for full- and part-time and non-traditional students

About Next Generation Insurance Group, LLC (NGI)
Founded by veteran affinity and collegiate marketers, Next Generation Insurance Group builds specialized insurance products, resources and expertise, and offers a diverse selection of services available through multiple delivery channels. NGI delivers innovation to the insurance industry, allowing consumers to mitigate the risks in their lives, fulfilling the needs of underserved consumer groups, especially first-time insurance buyers – young adults, students, graduates and their families. An authority in life-stage marketing and emerging trends and markets, NGI is changing the way people buy insurance. In partnership with affiliate channels, NGI ensures those in need are informed about “right fit” insurance products at the right time for their situations and corresponding life-stage risks, creating easy, relevant access to insurance when buyers are thinking about it and most need it.

NGI is a national insurance operator, combining its privately owned online channels with embedded partner channels. In partnership with Sallie Mae, it created Sallie Mae Insurance Services to offer specialized programs on-campus and for college students and young adults. NGI’s properties include: GradGuard, a direct-to-consumer product for college students and their families;, offering personal property and liability protection for college students; and, an alternative to school-sponsored health insurance for full- and part-time and non-traditional students. NGI has been awarded a provisional patent for its Education Life-Stage Insurance Programs. More information is available at Follow the company on Twitter @nextgenins for life-stage risk news, information and product updates.

Jessica Ciccone
on behalf of Next Generation Insurance Group

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