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2011 College Protection Plans

By: nextgenins

Next Generation Insurance Group seeks to create insurance and benefit solutions for affinity groups and particular life-stages and events. We created as the nation’s first comprehensive insurance and benefits platform specifically designed for the collegiate market. GradGuard is fulfilling its vision and is now available through many leading colleges and universities, financial institutions and national as well as specialty insurance firms. We have great confidence in that we are seeking to address large and growing risks facing 19 million college students and their families.

In 2010, we were pleased to launch the Student Protection Plan which features tuition refund insurance and include the nations first bundle of relevant insurance and benefits such as emergency medical evacuation, identity theft and resolution service, computer repair and warranty extension. The Student Protection Plan has been received warmly by colleges and universities, financial institutions seeking to differentiate their services and also consumers directly who are seeking greater peace of mind while for their college student. In 2011, look for new enhancements including greater flexibility regarding payment options and opportunities to upgrade tuition protection benefits.

We have continued to research, design and prepare to market a full-suite of tuition protection products for the 19 million college students and their families who invest more than $400 Billion annually in their education. In just a short time, GradGuard will launch a protection plan that aims to mitigate the risk facing this $400 Billion investment in college tuition, room / board, academic fees and for the first time may be protected from unexpected illness, disability, death or involuntary unemployment.
Also in early in 2011, you will see an update Student Health Plan which will provide greater choice and flexibility to full-time college students seeking a voluntary group health insurance plan. In addition to providing affordable coverage options, a premium plan has been designed to not only comply with but in many cases aim higher than ACHA’s national guidelines for student health plans.   The Student Health Plan is available through GradGuard but also through leading specialty insurance brokers such as eHealth.
NGI seeks to provide our products through trusted channels that also offer convenient enrollment options for consumers. Please contact us with any feedback or requests to learn more about how NGI can help address the needs of your customers.

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